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How to get facebook video URL ?

Login facebook from Desktop PCs and go to a live video page that you want to embed. After you found target video, right click on video area and click "Show video URL", revealing link is the URL required to provide for embedding .

How to embed facebook video ?

Copy video url (Example url like "https://www.facebook.com/***/videos/631405437018089/") and paste in textbox of FBEmbed.com. simply click "Creat"e button and get the generated embedded video url.

How to embed EBEmbed video on my website ?

You can embed our link in your website by simple standard html code -
 <iframe src='//fbembed.com/generatedLinkhere'></iframe>  

Why I can't play videos in mobile devices ?

Mobile devices can only watch when video is live and the answer is facebook live has been stopped on that video you watch. But you can watch playback via desktop browsers.

How to report abuse DMCA and others ?

Our website do not host any video from facebook or any other else. There is no owned video in our website, videos that you are seeing on our website are facebook hosted videos only. Facebook is taking full responsibility on thier contents and all DMCA and other abuses and are not absolutely concerning with us. To make report a video, you need to view our url from desktop devices and find for "F" (facebook logo in video player), go through by the link provided by facebook and report about video according to facebook report guidelines and policies .

How to report abuse FBEmbed.com ?

You can report every abuses of our service that breaking our terms and conditions by mailing us via report@fbembed.com. If we found that the website or link is breaking our terms of use, we will permanently ban website IP or user IP of generated link. And for more further legal actions, contact us with legal document and letters about abuse.