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What is FBEmbed ?

FBEmbed is a website developed by AAA International Web Developers (Thailand), that can embed facebook live videos. As facebook lets users to stream live videos, FBEmbed also provides facebook live videos to be embedded in any websites. We are using facebook api and making more effective innovations. Although facebook live vidoes can't be watched in mobile web browsers, FBEmbed innovated this feature and giving access to be watched by every mobile web browser, even unlocked to prohibit embed and private live videos. With FBmbed, you can enjoy watching without any popping Like,Heart,Emoji icons and annoying comments on live video view.

How to use ?

Simple usage pattern is provided for FBEmbed users. Everyone can embed every facebook live videos at FBembed.com by copying url from facebook live video, paste in FBembed.com text input box and simply click on "Create" button. Embedded link has been generated automatically and visible within a moment after click. Ready to share this link to everyone and to every social media and have fun with live video.

How does FBEmbed work ?

FBEmbed starts with user's url input to our automatic system. Our system takes various processes and returns a link that can be used by both mobiles and desktops. We host every links on our server and giving unlimited access to viewers. Our link urls are automatically generated randomly.

How to report abuse DMCA and others ?

Our website do not host any video from facebook or any other else. There is no owned video in our website, videos that you are seeing on our website are facebook hosted videos only. Facebook is taking full responsibility on thier contents and all DMCA and other abuses and are not absolutely concerning with us. To make report a video, you need to view our url from desktop devices and find for "F" (facebook logo in video player), go through by the link provided by facebook and report about video according to facebook report guidelines and policies .

Advantages of FBEmbed

  • Provides unlimited viewers and unlimited bandwidth for every users.
  • Easily embed facebook video, immediately get iframe url or direct link to share for your website.
  • All safe secure website with https SSL resources.
  • Mobile devices are more powerful in FBEmbed.com to watch every live videos.
  • All links has been provided to be a file in our server hosting rather than a single file with different parameters.
  • Best solution for link sharing website owners.
  • Best solution for publishers to monetize with facebook embedded videos in website.
  • Best solution for viewers to watch alone without anyone's annoying emojis and comments.
  • Best solution for everyone to watch facebook live video without logging in it or without a facebook account from mobile devices.